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  1. Lord Lewis

    Friendly greetings from the Commonwealth

    Further to my previous correspondence I invite Stormark to join our Coalition for Liberty in Jingdao on our forums. If you join please PM me for the password. Jingdao has recently been openly threatening the safety of our peoples and territory and we are keen on organising a clear strategy against them. We will not act unilaterally though and wish to work alongside other states.
  2. Lord Lewis

    Friendly greetings from the Commonwealth

    I am pleased to inform you that the treaty has passed the parliament.
  3. Lord Lewis

    Friendly greetings from the Commonwealth

    Thank you for the treaty. I will put it forward in our parliament. I also ask if the government of the High Realm is aware of the continuing situation in Jingdao and if they will be taking any further action.
  4. Lord Lewis

    Friendly greetings from the Commonwealth

    Your Excellency, I thank you for your hospitality and your response. I would like to ask if Stormark has any aims for our relationship's expansions. We are keen, as stated in our policy, to promote common security and also expand trade between our countries. I link you to http://hamland.mncommunities.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1009&sid=9fd2ef0b7bb228061eccfc2c9d632a24'>our standard treaties covering trade and defence on these matters and also welcome any proposed treaties from Stormark. As Lord of the Isles I note our shared attachment to the seas and my region of the Commonwealth sends fraternal greetings to our fellow seafarers. We are glad that the High Realm has taken note of the situation in Jingdao. We note the proximity of Jingdao to the High Realm and will honour our membership and responsibilities as a member of the Council of Free Nations in the situation of an incursion. I bring your attention to our discussions with the Brettish Isles over the matter and hope that we can create some form of agreement between states on a worthwhile response. The people of Albion, who share close links with the Brettish, are under threat and we have taken note of the Brettish wishes to take action in the area. Our Government at present is keen to avoid military conflict unilaterally and have agreed that our action should be humanitarian in providing a place for refugees to flee to. If Stormark has a wish to host Refugees I am sure our government will be willing to help. am happy to exchange personal messages on hub.mn and share these with or cabinet should the High Realm wish to discuss any matters in secret. Yours Sincerely, Lord Lewis
  5. Your Majesty, I come on behalf of the Commonwealth of Hamland to open relations between our two states. I would like to notify that we have passed a bill recently which requires us to re-sign all agreements with other states. This is so we can keep better track of who we have agreements with. We also have developed our http://www.mncommunities.org/hamland/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1008'>Area of Freedom and Stability policy which is both our basis for our foreign affairs as well as an agreement to be signed with like-minded states. Our government has been working on approaching all of our key neighbours through our Neighbourhood Program. As we share maritime borders we feel that it is important that we should make contact with this great country. We also are happy to communicate about more general aspects of micronationalism and foster a long and fruitful relationship. I hope that we can begin by signing a treaty of recognition and one facilitating trade between our states. Thanks, Lord Lewis [on a separate note] Our serving Prime Minister would like to hear what the position of Stormark on the ethnic cleansing by Jingdao is. Duke Sinclair is keen to take action to help the victims of the atrocity.