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  1. Royal cousin, I will have our Prime Minister make you an offer for the cruise missiles on behalf of our government shortly. As for war against Alexandria, we note that you participated in the Alexandrian Wars of Religion. You sided with the Emperor of Alexandria, as I recall, but nonetheless engaged other Alexandrian forces. This war will also involve a civil war in Alexandria, this time with an attempt by the Spanish provinces to secede. Perhaps you will wish to side with the emperor against the secessionsists, but either way you are invited to join if you wish, even if you can only send a small force because your people are busy with other matters. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  2. Would you like to join our next recwar? We are planning one with Alexandria. Speaking of which, we could sure use some military advisors for new units we are training. And weapons. A half dozen Gungnir II cruise missiles would be expecially nice. We can pay you for them. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  3. I will have our prime minister draft it. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  4. Prince Andelarion, If I understand your proposal, you are offering, pending approval by Babkha and Stormark (which has already given approval), that you will allow Zindaria to send up to 100 people per week through the gate and provide us with technical information to assist us in constructing a similar gate of our own in exchange for our assistance in the construction of estates, ports, airstrips and similar projects. You will not require payment of any money. Assuming the infrastructure projects you refer to are not vastly more expensive than the sums we offered, we will be more than happy to agree and to have Zindarian Engineering, Ltd. a crown corporation, assist you with your logistical issues and infrastructure projects. They will also be handling our efforts to build out own gate in Zindaria. Upon confirmation by you that this is what you meant and approval by Babkha of our use of the gate, I will instruct Colonel Travis Boggs, president of Zindarian Engineering, Ltd. to send engineers to Hurmu at once to begin work. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  5. Royal Cousin, I see why you are called the generous giver. Everyone else I have discussed this matter with has discussed obstacles and fees or not responded at all. Your simple and unambiguous granting of our request with no questions asked stands out. I would be honored if our nations could be allies. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  6. Prince Andelarion, I have gone ahead and sent a message to the Emperor of Stormark requesting his permission. Luke the First King of Zindaria
  7. To the Sovereign Emperor of the Vikings, I have heard of a fabled gateway between worlds which exists in Hurmu and allows travel between micras and giess. I have asked prince Andelarion if we can use it and he says we need your permission and the permission of Babkha. We humbly ask that you allow this. Luke the first King of Zindaria
  8. Your Highness, If you will grant our request, we will initially limit our traffic to less than 100 people a week. We will pay you 50,000 Zindarian Ralds for wear and tear on your roads. We would like to have more people go through soon, but if you will share with us the operating principles of this gate, we will hire the best engineers on Micras to attempt to construct one ourselves which connects New Zindaria Island on Micras directly with our Goloni Protectorate on Giess. If you can assist us in this project, we will gladly pay you 1 million Zindarian Ralds. We have already contacted the Babkhans on this matter. I hope that you will intercede for us with Stormark, but if you wish us to ask them directly, we will. Luke the First King of Zindaria
  9. If money is what you wish, we offer you 50,000 Zindarian Ralds to pay this "Scotty Tax". Allow us the use of the gate and the funds will be deposited in the name of Prince Andelarion at the Royal Bank of Zindaria immediately. We do not as yet have trade relations with any other nation so other currencies are hard to come by. We might be able to pay a smaller sum in Riponian Supras if you prefer. Luke the First King of Zindaria
  10. Greetings to Prince Andelarion and Chief Harald and other dignitaries of Hurmu, I have heard fantastic tales from the Babkhans about something called the "Hurmu Gate" located in your country. I don't know if its mystical or technological, but I have been told that it allowed an entire Babkhan naval task force to pass from Giess to Micras during the Circum-Raynor War and for a Babkhan/Commonwealth Bomber to pass from Giess to Micras and back again during the Alexandrian War of Religion. My people are desperate refugees driven from our homes on Micras by the chaos caused by collapse of the Babkan state on Micras and the Umraist revolt. We have managed to gain control of a formerly Aerlish island off the coast of Alexandria on Micras which we renamed New Zindaria Island. We are now recognized on Micras as a soverign power, but we are still small and poor. We have been informed by the Babkhans that there is an opportunity for us to gain a large teritory on Giess. It seems that a group of tribes known as the Goloni in Eastern Grandica on Geiss wish for their territory to become a protectorate of the Kingdom of Zindaria if we will provide them with modern technology and share with them the secrets of our Religion of the Eternal Phoenix and its promise for the renewal of all good things that are lost. We seek a way to travel from Micras to Giess and we hope you will not object to our use of your "Hurmu Gate" for that purpose and for subsequent travel between the two worlds so that we may maintain our territories on both planets. If you will deign to permit this, you will have our undying gratitude. Please favor us with an imediate answer as time is of the essence both because the opportunity on Giess may pass and because we have reason to fear imminent invasion of New Zindaria Island by a much more powerful nation. I understand that Prince Andelarion is absent from Hurmu and is en route to the Kingdom of Sweden. I hope that Chief Harald as steward in his absence will grant our request at least temporarily until Prince Andelarion returns. Luke the First King of Zindaria
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