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  1. Important: Threats by occupators on Benacia

    Your Majesty, I'm afraid I'll have to bring a sad tiding to You and Your Government. Earlier today, the colonial imposters in 's Koningenwaarde, pretending to be the Kingdom of Batavia, has asked its so-called parliament to approve a declaration of war against both the Republic of Flanders as well as the real Kingdom of Batavia. The Government and Military Staff of the Kingdom of Batavia are discussing the appropriate measures as we speak. The Republic has yet to make an official statement. However, we can not exclude the possibilty that the impostors will be so foolish as to launch attacks on those area's of Batavia that don't fall under their control. Considering our recent agreement, this is of special importance to the High Realm as well. Yours,
  2. Coat of Arms for the Kingdom of Batavia

    Lady Unna, The people of Batavia would like to thank you for this most generous gift. The Liberation Council has swiftly proceeded to officialise your design, with is aesthetically most pleasing.
  3. Situation in Batavia

    Your Excellency, Rest assured that this tiding has been received with great joy in Batavia!
  4. Situation in Batavia

    Then I too shall sign this:
  5. Situation in Batavia

    It appears something went wrong with my last post, so I'll post the draft again, to make it more aesthetically pleasing (as well as to make the numbering clearer): Storish-Batavian Agreement on Assistance Considering the grave international situation and the threats posed upon the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Batavia, and conscious of their mutual friendship, the High Realm of Stormark and the Kingdom of Batavia have resolved: that the Kingdom and the High Realm shall set up joint patrols along the coasts of the Green in Northern Celtia between Normandie and Los Bananos, to ensure the security of Los Bananos ; that the High Realm and the Kingdom shall set up a Celtian Common Trade Area, encompassing the Leeuward Isles, Dietsberg, Faya Veronique Island, Solareyjar and Idunn Isles; that Batavian vessels shall have the right of peaceful passage through Storish waters, from the shores of Eidisvarke to shores and straits of Frostarike and around the shores of Normandie and Old Goal Island that Batavian aircrafts shall have the right of peaceful passage in Storish airspace insofar as necessary for the connection between the various parts of Batavia; that Storish commercial vessels shall have the right of peaceful passage through Batavian waters, as far as controlled by the Batavian government; that Storish commercial aircraft shall have the right of peaceful passage through Batavian airspace, as far as controlled by the Batavian government; that the Batavian and Storish militaries shall construct at least three common military bases, one on Los Bananos, one on Faya Veronique Island and one Princess Franzi Ferdinanda Island, and shall look into the possibility of establishing more in areas both claimed and unclaimed, insofar as necessary for both country’s security; that the High Realm shall deploy to the Batavian isles the Thurisaz Squadron, as well as the guided missile cruisers HKMS Ketil Flatnose (CG26), HKMS Skagul Toste (CG27) and HKMS Vagn Akesson (CG28) and the guided missile destroyers HKMS Storstrøm (DDG19), HKMS Vestsjælland (DDG20) and HKMS Keflavík (DDG21), as well the 7th and 21st Infantry Battalions and the 6th Cavalry Batallion, and the Kingdom and the High Realm shall assist each other whenever necessary and possible by both diplomatic and military means. Signed [date] at [place]
  6. Situation in Batavia

    Your Excellency, What does Mylady Unna think of the following first draft? As for the place, may I suggest the magnificent City of Arcadia? Yours most sincerely,
  7. Situation in Batavia

    Mylady, That is most excellent news, that I shall report to St Anna with the utmost speed. Does Your Excellency wish me to draw up a written agreement, formalising this?
  8. Situation in Batavia

    Lady Unna, This is a most joyful tiding! I look forward to the decision of the High Council.
  9. Situation in Batavia

    Your Excellency, May I be so bold as to inquire whether the High Council of the Realm has already reached a conclusion?
  10. Storish embassy

    I pray their ladieships - Lady Unna, Lady Jarla and Lady Ingjibörg - will find it in their hearts to forgive me for my confusion.
  11. Storish embassy

    Ha, yes, Your Excellency! We have heard many great things about Lady Jarla Hallgríma Hallkelsdóttor and look forward to see what she shall build in St Anna!
  12. Storish embassy

    Your Excellency, An excellent choice. We have found a good place, very near a planned metro stop, which will be convenient for the visitors and employees of the embassy. I assume the High Realm wishes to entrust the design of the embassy to one of its most outstanding architects(?)
  13. Storish embassy

    Your excellencies, The Kingdom of Batavia wishes to ask the Storish government whether it would be interested in establishing a formal embassy or legation in the CIty of St. Anna, considering the fact that 's Koningenwaarde is now under foreign occupation. If so, there are two options. One is to use a building in the old town of St. Anna, for example the one here in the middle: The alternative is to build a new one, in Storish style, in one of the planned new areas of St. Anna, to be built to accomodate to the city's new status as temporary capital.
  14. Situation in Batavia

    Your Excellency, Lady Unna, We are very pleased by the High Council’s offer, though not surprised, considering the support our country has enjoyed from your’s. We would very gladly accept it. As you no doubt know, the closest way to get from St-Anna to Los Bananos is by passing close to and sometimes into Storish waters. It would make our endeavors much easier if we could pass through Storish waters, fro the shores of Eidisvarke and the shores and straits of Frostarike, and again around Normandie and Old Goal Island. The same goes for airways. But also assistance in defending our island territories would be very welcome, especially as some of our own troops are still chasing the remaining marauders in Northern Los Bananos. Assistance in the defense of our boarders, would enable us to pacify our interiors more fully. It might be possible, also, to build naval and air bases, which could be used by Stormark as well. It may be my professional one-sightedness as a man of the marine, but I’m mainly thinking in naval terms: to escape the ice our ships, necessary to get supplies for both military as well as civilian purposes from Faya Veronique Island to Los Bananos, are almost forced to venture into the unsecure waters near the green. We could think of joint patrolling of these waters. While we realise Stormark has no territories between Los Bananos and Faya Veronique Islands, when passed Normandie and heading for Los Bananos. Also, while also in the past Faya Veronique Island and the Leeward Isles delivered many goods to Los Bananos, the entirety of this burden has now fallen upon them, since Benacian Batavia has now occupied and St. Anna is too far away. Is it permitted to think of the establishment of a trade area, encompassing the Leeward Islands, Dietsberg and Faya Veronique Island on the Batavian side and Solareyjar and the Idunn Isles on the Storish side. This would also provide business opportunities for Stormark, both in the private sector as well as for the military industry (we are building a defense wall against a possible invasion from Nova Batavia). Added to this all would of course be an agreement to mutual support when needed. We are aware that we are asking much and not in a position to offer much at this moment. One day, however, we hope to be able to “pay off” the debt we owe to Stormark. I eagerly await your thoughts,
  15. Situation in Batavia

    Your Most Noble Majesty, The Government of the Kingdom of Batavia would like to thank Your Majesty for his assistance in our (alas failed) attempt to get the transfer of power in the free parts of our country from Flemish hands to Batavian hands recognised by the MCS. Your Majesty and the High Realm of Stormark have once again proven to be true friends of Batavia. Rest assured that we shall not falter because of this setback, but remain committed to our cause. Most sincerely yours,