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    I wish you both many happy years! *sobs into hankie*

    *stands in gold gown, red and white sash, Queen Meseleni Tiara and wipes eyes with a hankie* They make such a wonderful couple.
  3. Graphics Requests

    Marvellous! Thankyou so much sister.
  4. Graphics Requests

    Thankyou so much! Would you be able to send me the image of the blue peacock please? That's something I can use elsewhere in Maloa! Thankyou dear sister
  5. Happy Birthday Queen Ema te Vaikona!!

    Well, no - my birthday only has 38 minutes left in it and after two glasses of champagne I called it a day! I'm now retiring to watch "Tootsie" on DVD and reflect on two decades gone by!
  6. Congratulations to His Most Imperial Majesty!

    Indeed! Many congratulations Royal Cousin!
  7. Happy Birthday Queen Ema te Vaikona!!

    Aww. You're here with me in spirit and that'll do for now.
  8. Happy Birthday Queen Ema te Vaikona!!

    Thankyou so much! In was planning to go all Zsa Zsa Gabor and hide my birthday but I'll celebrate it this time.
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  10. Arrivals

    Fresh from her visit to the United Empire of Landingberg-Schoninreich, the Queen of Maloa arrived in Stormark today.
  11. New website

    A great step forward for the Kingdom of Sangun! Wonderful to see.
  12. Graphics Requests

    Ooh Images. Erm....well, I'd like it to be set on the back on the Maloan Flag if possible, the red stripes at top and bottom and the peacock feathers somewhere.
  13. Graphics Requests

    Well I wouldn't say no to one of your stunning signatures for Maloa! My full title there is; Queen Çma Nâneki Iwa Io'ana te Vâikona Owa Maloa
  14. New direction for Rossheim-Sangun?

    I agree! Restore Sangun.
  15. Back again...and looking for inspiration

    Welcome back Your Highness!