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  2. Lady Esther, Indeed, are we not happy for Lady Fjǫrleif finding love like this? Chances come at the strangest times, like with your grandmother! Or with your mother, who had turned down your father's advances for years before she finally realized her attraction to him. Ah, what a couple they were! Remember though, you have a duty to your lineage to pass it on. Make sure your spouse will be someone of good royal or imperial stock.
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  4. The harbour of the Royal City of Jorvik in ancient times. Jorvik, also known as the Royal City of Jorvik and the Mermaid City, is a Royal City which is situated on the continent Apollonia in the former cardinal direction of the Jewel of Many Facets which was known as Angsax Ingetheod Cynwise. It was the capital of the Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union called the Jarlorð of Jorvik as well as of the Bailiwick of the same name. The Mermaid City was also largest city of the Jarlorð of Jorvik. About Jorvik is an ancient walled city which is situated at the confluence of the rivers Hvítá and Trysilelva. Its location provides innumerable opportunities for trade with its vast hinterland and has allowed it to become the Jarlorð of Jorvik's primary trade port. The city is clean and well-ordered, with wide straight cobbled streets that make it easy to move around. Marble maidens light the way along the streets of Jorvik, bowls of burning sweet-scented oil cradled in their arms. The houses in Jorvik are built of whitewashed stone, often with timber-framing, and steeply-pitched roofs of dark grey slate. It is rich in ancient history, and is renowned for its romantic ambience and numerous possiblities for fun activities. Outskirts Sælerklippe is a massive stone dominating the approaches to the outer harbour. It is crowned with a ringfort of weathered stones of the Angsax that stood desolate and abandoned for centuries. However, in the 1630s it was fortified it with snipers, machine guns, and artillery. The stone looms a hundred feet above the waters, grey-green in color. Seals often rest on it. The Quays of Wray the name of Jorvik's harbour. It is divided into an inner and and outer harbour. The outer harbour is larger, but the inner harbour offers better anchorage and shelter by the city wall on one side and the looming mass of Tidewater Keep on another. A ten miles-long, thirty foot wall, with towers every hundred yards, is located on the jetty that separates the two harbours. Tidewater Keep is an ancient Angsaxon fortress which nowadays serves as a museum. It is situated by the water and adjoins the city walls. Houses cling like barnacles to the walls of Tidewater Keep; one is a brewhouse is called Cadleigh House which makes well-regarded golden mead. There is a Godsgrove featuring statues of the Storlafðir within the museum's walls. Myth Mercat is Jorvik's largest fishmarket. It is named after the tall tales told by the fishermen. The market is located between the outer harbour and the Seolh Gate. Seafood available in Jorvik include whitefish, winkles, crabs, mussels, clams, herring, cod, salmon, lobster, and lampreys. Turnip Square is one of Jorvik's oldest and largest market squares. around it lies a maze of twisting alleys and cross streets. Inside the walls The city is protected by thick walls. The Seolh Gate opens into the harbour. Jarl's Yard, is a cobbled square with a fountain at its center, located just outside the Seolh Gate. There is an alley leading to a tavern. The Old Mint, a royal mint located in Jarl's Yard. The Wanton Whale, a sleazy bar frequented by louche businessmen and other folks who are up to no good. It is notorious for offering the oldest, ugliest whores and the vilest drinks in Jorvik, along with foodstuffs that are inedible on their best days and poisonous on their worst. The Stepstones is a street with steps. It is a broad white stone way that leads up from Tidewater Keep by the water to the Seaquen on its crag. From the top there is a view down to both harbours. The Tributary Temple is a large temple with a domed roof surmounted by tall statues of several Vanic Deities, including Freyja and Elwynn. Seaquen The Seaquen was the seat of the Jarl and Grand Elector of Jorvik. It is located on a crag inside the city wall, the broad white stone way of Stepstones leads to its gates from Tidewater Keep below. There is a secret passage beneath the Stepstones connecting it to the Tidewater Keep. Grand Elector's Court is the great hall of the Seaquen where the Jarl and Grand Elector of Jorvik held court and feasts. Its walls, floor and ceiling are embellished with panels of Valtian wood notched cunningly together and decorated with various creatures of the sea. History The Royal City of Jorvik grew around a stronghold called the Jorfort. This stromghold also served as the base from whereout the Jarlorð of Jorvik was forged. The Jorfort was the first stronghold built by Jarl Jor Mermaidlover, also known as Jor Sigurhjörtursson of the House of Knýtlinga. He was an Angsaxon chieftain of Viking descent from the days of yore and the founder the Royal City of ‎Jorvik as well as the Jarlorð of Jorvik. He is, through Laird Tove Grjotgard Ingebjörgsson of the House of Knýtlinga, the ancestor of various members of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion. The Jorfort was situated in that part of the ‎Old Town of the Royal City of Jorvik where Tidewater Keep presently stands. The fortress stood there until it was torn down by Jarl Jor to make way for Tidewater Keep.
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  6. Well, I, for that matter, am so privileged that I don't need to turn to a vial to get Hallbjörn's white gold. I get it the best way possible: straight from the source. 😁
  7. My future stepdaughter Fjǫrleif... Always in for a bit of adventure, isn't she? 😊
  8. Very much so! I highly recommend such course of action, but always go in full strength. With anything less than the equivalent of 500 Fleurinots and Fleurinettes you will be little more than sitting ducks for bandits, bands of broken people and other scum roaming The Green.
  9. Lady Ærinndís, Was that hard for you? Or was it a cakewalk?
  10. Given the present I-wanna-be-a-mommy mood among certain (future) Falconesses - yes, I'm looking at you Fjǫrleif, Alys and Aoife - the opulent nursery that I commissioned will not be vacant at all. The plans for that nursery may even need a bit of expansion...
  11. Lady Ærinndís, At present I do not have any plans to tie the knot with anyone, but so did my aunt, the Storjarla Fjǫrleif, until she ran into the Lady Alys, whom to her is the love of her life. So what may be, may be. Perhaps I should take a drive through The Green as well. (Of course, accompanied by the Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard or the Imperial Thingalid. ) Have you ever been to (any part of) The Green?
  12. Lady Esther, Your namesake and I got along beautifully!! I do miss our tea sessions, she would teach me so much about Babkhi poetry.... and once in a while we would discuss the genocide... Sometimes we would discuss our husbands, she had had two, and your brother Jonathan's father seems to have been a wonderful man, and I am so sad that none of us are here to remember him. Even Jonathan was too young to remember him. Now there is no one to remember him! But we remember her, we remember her dead sons Jonathan and Audun Joel, and we cherish her son the King Noah, and her grandchildren the Lord Vilhjalm and you... and soon we hope for great grandchildren for her too! Pray tell me, my Lady, how are your marrying plans going?
  13. Lady Ærinndís, Did you and my grandmother, the Lady Esther the Elder, get along well?
  14. Most certainly! All of me wants to hear the sound of little feet in Tara Castle as soon as may be. It is breeding time!
  15. The Lady Alys is here to stay now! And hopefully for a couple of Norton centuries!
  16. Many congratulations to the happy couple! So has the Lady Alys already decided what it is gonna be? Vanic or secular?
  17. That is indeed the way it is!
  18. Be like Esther! (The elder one, of course! )
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